About LiteraTurtle

LiteraTurtle was created by a group of enthusiasts for all the literature lovers out there. What started as a couple of separate thematic blogs, turned into a full-blown project dedicated to sharing literary knowledge and assisting everyone looking for help in this field.

Our objective

First things first, we want to share our passion for literature with the world. This was the initial thought when we were creating this website.

Over time, we understood that we could be much more than just a “club of literature lovers.” That’s when the final concept of LiteraTurtle came to life.

We want this website to be the place where anyone could find what they’re looking for in the world of literature. A poem analysis, some obscure term or definition, a book review, a critical article, a literary essay example—you name it.

So we’ve grown LiteraTurtle to be this massive hub with tons and tons of content, literature study guides, and other helpful materials.

Our values

If we possess a piece of knowledge on a particular topic—we strive to share it in its entirety. It’s because someone might need just that specific piece of information. That’s why we do our best so that the contents of LiteraTurtle to be as informative as possible. Whether it’s a literary essay example, sample poem analysis, a critical review, or a literature study guide—we’ll always make sure we’ve told you everything we knew about the topic. Apart from that, we’ll provide links to other relevant works.

Our vision

We see literature as a field everyone can relate to. No matter what your background is, what hobbies or interests you have—everyone has their favorite book or literary genre. And that’s what unites us.

Through sharing our knowledge and experiences, we can improve ourselves and help others to do the same.