Arthur Miller’s “Death of a Salesman”

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Words: 405

A dream is mostly defined as a succession of thoughts, images, feelings, and sentiments that happen unawares and involuntarily at different phases when one is asleep. Gary Hebert once said that dreams were just but universal liars that never lost their reputation for honesty because hope was the bread for the poor. That is how the American dream emerged and survived to become a legend that knew its way into the hearts of the people around the world. People dream of equality, freedom, and opportunities to make fortunes. This is what drives people around the globe to immigrate legally and illegally into the United States of America in search of greener pastures for themselves and their families.

Willy’s American dream idea was being financially stable due to one’s charisma. Willy believed that having a charming personality guaranteed success, working hard and being innovative did not matter in the pursuit for success. His American dream idea is dented in the sense that he links prosperity with affluence and money, and believes that being loved will allow one to attain such status (Day, 2018). Willy’s perspective of the American Dream is worldly, and even after seeing that was not the case, he refuses to give up on his beliefs.

The plays status as a well-developed and produced work of theatre is based on its design. The drama is designed in such a manner that it toys with people’s perceptions of reality using flashbacks and complex staging. Miller depicts his protagonist in the face of problems, which he resolves when the play concludes, through a meandering sequence that covers the past to the future. The most essential setting in the play is Willy’s mind. This is where most of the action unfolds because the drama is not so much in the happenings themselves as it is in Willy’s interpretation and remembrance of them.

The connection between the son and his father is probably the most significant connection a man will have in his life. This is the connection with the most impact on the life of the man and all of his other relations. For a boy to evolve into a man of great personality and an outstanding citizen, he needs a strong male role model. In today’s environment, having a notable male role model is essential for a man’s growth and to guarantee that he is capable of making intelligent judgments and not making silly childish blunders.


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