Geoffrey Chaucer’s Poetic Career Development

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Geoffrey Chaucer is one of the greatest English poets that has disclosed the language in a unique, unrepeatable way. Unfortunately, some facts about the writer’s biography remain unclear and unknown; however, Geoffrey Chaucer remains in history as a poet, diplomat, courtier, and military servant. Chaucer experienced a bright and interesting life developing as a human and a poet from various perspectives. Critics divide his creation period into three major steps: the French period, the Italian period, and the English period. In this paper, the specialties of the third period of the writer’s career will be revealed.

English period is approximately dated 1385-1400 years after the writer returned from the trip to Italy. In the last years of his life, Chaucer wrote “The Canterbury Tales,” famous worldwide. In this work, Chaucer narrates about pilgrims that gather to ride to a storytelling contest. All the characters are bright and memoizable, and the book itself has united various people of different incomes and positions in society. Narrating about pilgrimage, Chaucer united all the genres of literature in one book, and later it became a recognizable feature of his creation. During this period, a writer created a work that was funny, easy to read, and very close to people. The topic of pilgrimage raises the question of human religiosity and vices, something inevitable from human nature and close to reality.

Stating that such dualism in human life is normal opened access in English literature to writing about simple and terrestrial issues. In the third period of his career, Geoffrey Chaucer made a big step in English literature by raising topics close to people. He created a work that united humans of various incomes, and made them laugh, and excited when reading about themselves. Literature became more accurate and before Chaucer, none of the medieval writers were using such methods in the literature.