Plot and Protagonist of “Metamorphosis” by Kafka

Pages: 2
Words: 633

The metamorphosis is a narrative about a salesman named Gregor Samsa who lives with his parents, sister, and maid. One day, Gregor wakes up to find that he has changed into a giant bug and starts to worry about his job as he gets used to his new body, which changes his life permanently. Gradually, Gregory’s relationship with family members worsens because of his new condition, which requires that family members take care of him.

Gregor is one of the most important characters in the reading. He is a salesman who travels a lot, but he suddenly changes into an animal. Before the changes, Gregor diligently provided for his family through his job, which he did not like but had to do because of his parents. He sounds very hopeful and even plans to save enough to take his sister to music school. However, the changes he undergoes transform his physique and his personality. He cannot relate with his family members since he is more concerned with the needs of his new body. Additionally, he no longer gets along with his family members because they do not understand each other. He is unhappy that his family neglects him; however, he still loves them.

Grete Samsa is a teenager and a sister to Gregor. After her brother’s transformation, she embraces the critical role of caring for him. She had a good relationship with her brother before his transformation. The affection between them makes Grete show Gregor pity and humanity. However, she becomes hostile towards the end and demands that Gregor leaves. The narrative’s primary purpose is to demonstrate the impact of sudden changes on relationships. It seeks to demonstrate that changes in events will alter the dynamics of family relationships. The author wants to demonstrate that sometimes people are valued because of their contributions and responsibilities.

When situations are reversed, they do not receive the same treatment as before. For instance, Gregor had a solid and affectionate relationship with family members. They all depended on him as the income earner. Although he experienced difficulties at work, he could not quit because they needed his support. On the contrary, they did not care about him so much when he needed them.

“Turning to his right, the father heaped reproaches on the mother that she was not to take over the cleaning of Gregor’s room from the sister and, turning to his left, he shouted at the sister that she would no longer be allowed to clean Gregor’s room ever again” (Kafka, 2009). The quote demonstrates the author’s purpose because it shows the family’s level of commitment towards Gregor. The father warns every family member not to care for him. The lack of care comes when he needs their help because he is lonely and has a wound. The treatment described by the father’s remarks shows that he is no longer concerned about Gregor’s welfare. The father’s decision is very wrong, considering that Gregor committed himself to helping the family financially when he was able. However, the family does not want to be responsible for taking care of him.

One of the critical themes brought up by the work is social isolation. In the reading social isolation faces the character who experiences a change that suddenly separates them from their social circle or downgrades their position. Gregor experiences social isolation due to losing his social status as a working man and the family breadwinner. In the same way, people who experience significant changes in their life today are likely to suffer social isolation, especially if the change lowers their social status. Gregor is permanently isolated from his family after changing into a different creature. Since he is no longer working and therefore not providing, the family members neglect him. Eventually, he dies of hunger and suffering.


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