Teju Cole Personality’s in Modern American Society

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Teju Cole is one of the most famous and influential creative personalities of Nigerian origin in modern American society. The range of his hobbies is pervasive and diverse; it is known that Teju is engaged in writing, photography, curation, criticism, and studies and teaches art theory. Nevertheless, the insufficiency and shortage in relation to deep and detailed information about this individual give rise to new goals, tasks, and approaches in the study of Teju Cole, his life, and his works. Consequently, this paper provides some attempt to shed light on these critical aspects.


The paper will focus on the life and work of the famous American creative figure Teju Cole in contemporary creative movements. The work includes several vital points: coverage of significant events that influenced Teju’s world perception and analysis of the meaning and content of his creations.


Some significant moments from the life of Teju Cole were able to influence the personality of the creator, his vision of the world, and reality. Young Teju came to the USA in 1992 but faced the ignorance of local citizens about his homeland – Lagos (Cole 136). In the book, Cole describes the feeling of emptiness, loss, and homesickness; he tells about an incident that radically changed his life (Cole 137). The desire to fulfill a dream and the desire for a better life forced the creator to work at a breakneck pace, try new things, and even take risks (Mirakhor and Cole 64).

Teju Cole’s work and creativity are an invaluable contribution to the development of modern American and creative world tendencies. Teju has many awards in the field of fiction (Bio). Teju improved and developed an actual topic – the imaginary superiority of some races over others (Von Gleich 290). Many of his books are labeled as “opening up new horizons”, as well as “signaling great potential” (Bio).

Teju Cole is an important and influential person in terms of current creative directions. Teju is the author of widely known novels, novellas and essays, such as “Every Day is for the Thief” and “Open City” (Von Gleich 289). Cole’s work is rapidly gaining popularity, being in demand from a wide variety of circles of the population (Von Gleich 291). The author is a welcome guest at many US events (Von Gleich 289).


Teju Cole is one of the brightest representatives of American creativity, especially of Nigerian origin. Indeed, his works are significant and essential for society, and their meaning is symbolic and profound. Many events have primarily influenced Teju and changed his views on some phenomena. In particular, these aspects were reflected in his work and can be traced through a thorough study of his books or photographs.

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