“The Most Dangerous Game” by Richard Connell

Pages: 1
Words: 324

To find rescue, Rainsford drags himself from the swirling water, driven by the sound of three gunshots that woke him and gave him a sense of direction to take. Startled by the sound of the three gunshots, Rainsford comes to his feelings. With fresh vitality, he swims only to realize the direction of the shots is in the dense jungle above, and he is down below the cliff as Rainsford seeks to rescue what perils of the tangles of underbrush and trees are the minor concern for Rainsford. Swimming for his life and in search of rescue, Rainsford realizes he is beneath a cliff and does not know the people who live in the dense jungle above.

“Where there are pistol shots, there are men. Where there are men, there is food,” Rainsford thought to himself (Connell 90). Having swum for a seemingly endless time, Rainsford, on paying attention to his surrounding, realizes he is beneath a cliff and uses his remaining strength to drag himself from the swirling water (Connell 90). The exhaustion causes him to tumble headlong into the deepest sleep of his life. Unconsciously, Rainsford finds himself in the Caribbean Sea, and while this is not the first time he is in such a tight place, he is woken by the three fired gunshots that startle him. Now that he has come to the shore, exhausted, Rainsford begins to question the manner of men he would encounter in this place of unbroken, snarled front and ragged jungle fringed the shore.

Having swum for his life and sought rescue, Rainsford comes to the realization there is a cliff separating him and the unknown people in the dense jungle above. Despite the challenge the exhaustion encountered, he must overcome the ridge and find the people living in the dense jungle since they are his only hope for salvation. Rainford must find these people because, above all, they are his hope of finding food.

Work Cited

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