The Poem “The Raven” by Edgar Alan Poe

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Words: 336

The themes of death and the afterlife are frequently addressed in the works of famous authors. In The Raven by Edgar Allan Poe, mysterious symbols and dark signs that allude to death and remorse are integrated into the poem, revealing the thoughts and feelings of an unknown speaker. As the reader goes deeper into the work, the meaning behind the repetitive phrases and the raven’s presence begins unraveling, revealing the burden of grief carried by the main character. As such, the poem is an excellent example of a literary work that discusses the consequences of losing a significant other.

At the beginning of the poem, Poe illustrates the ignorance of loss that often emerges after the passing of a loved one. While the narrator hears the repetitive knocking at the door and is reminded of his beloved, Lenore, he attempts to disregard these signs, protecting his mind from the painful thoughts (Poe, 2013). Nevertheless, as the poem continues, the character is forced to acknowledge the knocking, beginning to reflect on the passing of his significant other and revealing the depths of his negative feelings. Talking to the raven, the protagonist realizes how devastated he is over the loss of Lenore and how futile are his attempts to forget her.

Although Lenore is long gone, the speaker is unable to reconcile with this fact, saddened by the thought that Lenore will never again reside in his chamber (Poe, 2013). The feelings of grief and remorse are bound to remain with the character forever, accompanying him in his loneliness.

To conclude, The Raven by Edgar Alan Poe is a masterpiece that focuses on the subjects of death and remorse, demonstrating how strenuous it is to overcome the passing of a loved one. Even though the main character pretends to ignore the painful thoughts, by the end of the poem, it becomes clear that he is still grieving over the loss of his beloved. These devastating feelings will likely continue to haunt him until the end of his life.


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