“The Tell-Tale Heart” and “The Black Cat” Novels by Poe

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Words: 295

The novel The Black Cat combines the features of true-to-life horror and mysticism. Realistic events and a series of mysterious, frightening coincidences allow the reader to classify this work as a psychological thriller. The first-person narrative reinforces the oppressive psychological component of the novel. This technique enhances all the sensations of the reader and makes him literally get into the protagonist’s shoes with all his inner demons. The problem of personality degradation caused by severe alcohol addiction points to the true origin of most of the horrors in the story. The crimes committed by the protagonist are frightening due to their prosaic description as something dull and even mundane. The author more evidently describes the inner state and sentiments of the hero, which capture him in a more and more ominous light. The work keeps the reader in constant tension, forcing him, along with the hero, to rush between real and imaginary nightmares.

The novel The Tell-Tale Heart is very similar to The Black Cat and produces the same eerie impression on the reader. The story begins with the sincere assurances of the unidentified assassin in his innocence. The protagonist of the novel is someone faceless, with no name, age, or origin story. The Black Cat gives the reader clues about the story’s central character, but this work allows one to model the situation in any manner. The reader moves step by step through the plot of the story as if he is present next to the main character, his anxiety, tension, hatred, and fear. In this narrative, the madness cannot be fully explained by something prosaic, like alcohol. The reader is invited to independently determine the causes and consequences of the murder, as well as read all the hidden cues left by the author.