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Useful Book Study Guides

How often do you find yourself wandering the Internet looking for a specific English literature guide? Or wanting to get at least any piece of information that could shed some light on the meaning of that obscure short story?

With LiteraTurtle, those dark times are over!
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Complete Book Summaries for Students

Tired of book summary websites that only show short excerpts and try to sell you the rest of the work? At LiteraTurtle, you can get book summaries free of charge: either in their entirety or by picking parts you need by chapter. Resources we provide will be of great use for school (both High school and Middle school) and College students alike.

Comprehensive Characters Analysis

Find out the most detailed information about literary characters, including their backgrounds and development.

Question and Answers

Use these to check your knowledge of a certain literary piece or to construct tests and assess your peers’ erudition.


Literature study guides for elementary students might be too much, so we also have flashcards to help memorize new material faster.

Literary Glossary

Learn the meaning of numerous literary definitions and terms in our Glossary section. You’ll be surprised by how vast the literary terminology really is.

Themes and Backstories

This section will help you uncover the major issues particular literary pieces raise. With these materials, it will be easier to get to the bottom of said issues.

Symbols, Allegory and Motifs

This section will make your literary analysis even more in-depth. It will be useful as a replacement for literature study guides for homeschool students when there’s no professor to break down some of the tough terminology or symbolism.

Literary Elements

Find out about all the ins and outs of literature from a new perspective by studying a wide variety of literary elements described on our website.

Quizzes and Questionnaires

Make sure you know literary pieces to the dot. Complete numerous quizzes and questionnaires available at LiteraTurtle. They are designed for novels, short stories, authors’ biographies, and virtually any other literary topic you can think of.

Proper Citations

Head to LiteraTurtle’s Citations section if you’re in search of literary resources and want your paper to have proper referencing.

Detailed Poem Analysis

Don’t think that LiteraTurtle is dedicated to prose only. We have plenty of content about poetry, too. You’ll find numerous poem analysis examples, learn everything about poems’ structure, and will even find tips on how to write your own poetry.

There are also articles describing poetic devices that are going to be useful both for analyzing and creating your own pieces. And if you’re writing a paper and looking for inspiration—our free poetry analysis essays will help you with that.