Achilles and Aeneas Discussion

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According to Greek mythology, Achilles is also called Achilles and mainly refers to a Trojan War hero who is considered the greatest of all all-time among the Greek warriors. As a result, he was regarded as a central character of Homer’s Iliad as displayed in mythology. On the other hand, according to Greek mythology, Aeneas was a hero in the Trojan War and was the son of Enchases and the Aphrodite goddess. The two were great heroes and had great similarities as far as they viewed their life and what gave the mentioned life its meaning. Contextually, Achilles mainly possesses supernatural power, and he can communicate with gods directly. As a result, he can easily strike modern leaders as less heroic. In the Archean army, Achilles was regarded as the strongest man and hence considered unbeatable. However, his character’s deep-seated flaws constantly impede his key ability to act with some sense of integrity and nobility.

However, it is difficult for Achilles to control his egotism or the rage that may blast out when his pride is tempered with. The latter attribute is poisonous to his mentality, making him leave his comrades and controversially pray that the enemies may kill and destroy them. Comprehensively, the character and description of Achilles can be summed up as an individual that is driven by a thirst for glory. The part of his should mainly yearn for a long life that is easy to handle. However, his fate has forced him to choose between them. Surprisingly, the individual is even willing to sacrifice everything she has to ensure that he holds a great title across the nation for remembrance by the public.

The character and the view of the life of Aeneas are different from that of Achilles. Aeneas is cast as an embodiment of the Roman virtues in which he serves the gods with full respect. He has no pride and considers life simple, making him leave with fewer struggles for titles or remembrance. He is a devotee of serving his people and considers kindness and integrity among his best features. Besides being great and communicating directly to god, Aeneas’s character is full of feelings implying that he feels similar to normal people and has no dishonesty. He is a man that is duty-bound and demonstrates appropriate pietas, which simply implies that he is devoted to his family. Aeneas is patriotic despite being a hero cast from the essence that he provides his people with a destined homeland.

When evaluated as per their values and how they view life, the two great heroes are of two worlds. Besides their allegiance to opposing factions, Achilles has stood out as an emblem of the flawed self-serving identity. He is too self-centered in that he puts himself first before another person. Contextually, he views life as unique, and being a hero; he feels he should be respected and remembered by everyone. On the other hand, Aeneas is symbolic of her sacrifice in which he is even ready to die for his people. Aeneas regards life as important to everyone and tries his best to ensure that the honor and dignity of all individuals are maintained. Achilles gets meaning from life when he conquers people and makes them bow to him as a God. However, Aeneas considers life important when he serves his people and provides for them with fewer difficulties. Achilles is a great but selfish man, while Aeneas is pronounced and selfless. Bellini’s statue showing Aeneas depicts that he was unafraid and strong.